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Because I FELT like it!

When I see felted projects on line I love a lot of them.

Vertical felting piece with green and orange
by Karen Madden

Felting work on a pillow of wildflowers in a field under a blue sky
from Pinterest

Felting blends the fibers to become a whole. They look awesome so, of course, I want to learn to felt. My friend and fellow artist, Karen Madden, of Rock and a Soft Place in Poughquag, NY invited me to her studio to learn. I spent 2 mornings with her and 2 days on my own. It was a lot of work and my results were pretty poor. Not even close to anything I’ve seen. I should have learned and practiced the technique more but, of course, I went off in my own direction trying to be creative and then it didn’t work. I have to learn to spend more time in learning how it’s done before I veer off to experiment.

It required a lot of upper body strength, timing, counting and a lot of time. I did not like the process enough to pursue it and get better.

If I was just using roving, yarns, wool, it went well. When I tried to add design it was not successful. It required more skill and energy than I was willing to give. I also wanted to work with more varied materials. I have the supplies now so maybe I’ll try again someday and go slow and learn the basics of blending wool before attempting other fibers. I can do my fabric collage with gluing and I can use any materials I like, so, felting felt (pun intended) limiting.

I’m glad I tried it and saw how much work is involved. I appreciate what I see even more now.

Felting soap is a nice easy beginner project with good results. I did this a few years ago.

blue purple and white felted soap bar

Wool, roving, soap, roller, bubble wrap, pressure stone
Felting supplies: Wool, roving, soap, roller, bubble wrap, pressure stone

blue wool with orange white and red lines of wool on top
First attempt, seeing what can be done with different materials. I was not good enough or experienced enough to try this.

purple and pink vertical squiggles of wool felt
More attempts using alternate materials. It just never came together and melded.

light purple wool background with green and blue wool in shape of stem and red and white flowers at top of stems
Attempt at a design. Again no melding because of the materials I used.

I just went through my images of felting (see beginning) and now I want to try again. I will just use wool and practice blending!

I was inspired after writing this. Today was a snow day and I practiced felting.

different purple and black wool felted together and melded.

It’s all melded and integrated but I have no clue what I’ll do with it, but I’m glad I went back to basics.

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