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Fabric Tubes

This may be a good time to review what I look for in a project. I like easy-to-do with good results. I don’t like to work hard, I prefer not to sew or iron. I am not a perfectionist, straight lines make me nervous. Perfection and exactness are not in my wheelhouse, i.e. quilting. I do like to try new things, experiment, and learn something new. I like free form, maybe even messy. I like to add my own creativity and not necessarily follow directions. (Yes, I was a rebel child).

This project is from an online class I took with Vicki Assegue on techniques to add to weavings. For this class, we sewed fabric tubes (for lack of a better name), stuffed them, and attached several together. It did involve sewing but it was quick, non-perfect hand sewing, it didn’t matter too much what it looked like but it did have to hold the fabric together. It was also a good project to use scraps & recycle.

The tubes can be made in varying lengths and widths as well as how much stuffing you use. You can make one all one color or use a few colors patterns, not necessarily matching. I do like when things match but sometimes I force myself to be crazy.

Then the embellishing started! Embellishing is my forte, lots of room for self-expression. You could add fringe, ribbons, buttons, mesh, etc., and overlay more fabric. The top and bottom are fun too, Use fringe at the bottom, more fringe over it. Use jewelry anywhere.

I made one of these (what to call them?) for the class and then kept going. I’ve now made 6! Two of them I twisted together and it looks good. Many uses; Vicki adds them onto her weavings, I’m thinking of hanging 4 from the same hook, in a bunch, or putting them on a dowel as a wall hanging. My daughter loves gold & glitter so I made one for her, I picture it hanging from the ceiling in her bedroom. I think they are too big as add-ons unless my weaving takes up a whole wall! I’m hoping to come up with a better use. Maybe attach them to branches outside? Not sure how they would hold up outside. Fun, easy, great results.

Let me know if you try this or if you have display ideas.

These were the first ones I made. I tried to show some detail.

I sort of made fringe from a fancy yarn and had it come off the top.

I did this in black & white, long tubes then twisted them together. Added ribbons and jewelry. I like the look.

This is the gold glitter for my daughter.

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