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Chandelier Upcycle

I enjoy flipping through decorating magazines and every time I see an upcycled chandelier I love it. My style is shabby chic, romantic & boho and this calls to my soul. I found this chandelier at a tag sale for $20, perfect price for playing/experimenting. I’m not even sure it worked but I didn’t need it to, I wanted it for decoration. It turned out all the crystals were there – bonus!

I took it home and cleaned it up, which for me just meant dusting it off. I bought ivory spray paint and went at it. One of the reasons I didn’t care if it worked was I wanted to use candles instead of bulbs. I had to find the right size candles to fit in the hole. They are a little too narrow and I had to cut them down to the length I wanted. They are a little loose. I thought of different ways of fixing it (clay, glue) but I didn’t want to gunk up the socket in case I did want it to work one day.

I put the crystals in their place and I was liking the transformation. Paint can do wonders, as you see in the before and after.

With crystals and candles in place I started decorating. I draped pearls on the arms, like decorating a Christmas tree. Then I glued on some flowers, pink and white of course.

I then took a thin ribbon and glued flowers to it and strung them like garland. Below are photos of a window I did using this technique. Sometimes I like it and sometimes I think it’s too much and I’m ready to take it down (it’s still there).

I love the way it turned out. It sits, non-working in a corner of my bedroom.

The hardest part of this project was finding a chandelier. They are not only hard to find but, for me it’s also hard to imagine what it could look like. For the right price take a chance.

Finished product

Ribbons with flowers glued on.

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