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Updated: Dec 27, 2019

The following series of 3 was me working on stitching to see what it could do for my art.


I did some embroidery, on the pink/white piece, which I like the look of. I played with text and capturing threads under a sheer fabric (I was too heavy handed with the threads). I do use sheer fabrics & netting on occasion for the ethereal effect.

On the blue panel the stitching looks too messy but I love the danglies hanging from the lace. I am a big fan of dangles and you see it in a lot of my work. Again, the sheer over the image, blurs, giving it a surreal effect.

On the final panel, I love the stitching on the right. A hint of yellow/cream with the white, that’s my usual color palette! I just used zig-zag and straight stitches crossing over each other.

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