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Easy Decorating with Vintage (or new) Materials

As a fiber artist, I am drawn to vintage materials, and I seem to have acquired quite a collection. I even think about opening a vintage clothing store! Most of my materials are in bins; lace, doilies, & special pieces. Fabrics and tablecloths are on shelves, and clothing hangs in a closet. I would like to display some of my collection, so I keep looking for interesting, easy ways to do that.

This kitchen window has a lace curtain that I doubled up just to show the edges. I live in the woods with no neighbors, so I do not need curtains, I prefer to see outdoors. If I had neighbors, my windows would be swathed in layers of vintage materials.

The doily banner in my studio was found all crocheted together and ready to hang.

Doilies are thrown over lampshades to showcase my style.

The piece below may have been made for a lampshade, it is tapered at the top and fits perfectly. In reading about doilies, they were made for specific purposes; glasses, serving dish, tray, etc

Tablecloths are very pretty and some are quite large. The next 2 pictures show that they can be used as bedspreads. I wouldn’t use it, but have it on the bed for display. These fit my queen size bed.

Another easy, pretty project is to put lace on shelves. I used double stick tape. I also edged a mirror with lace. The back of the shelves, which I have not done, can be ‘papered’ with material (or contact paper, wallpaper, paint).

The display below is a baby dress with a slip over it and a doily sewn to that, then ‘framed,’ sort of. The middle/center of clothing is usually plain and calls out for layers.

This is a framed quilt with knobs for hanging. I bought it at a flea market and love it, great idea. I then hung my vintage purses on it.

Other ideas:

The kitchen table is layered with 2 tablecloths, try 3 and change them occasionally.

I have table runners/dresser scarfs on my dresser and night table, use any flat surface.

Towels are layered in my bathroom over an unused towel bar.

Drape linens over chairs

Make pillows

Do you have any ideas to share? How do you use vintage materials?

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