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Embossing Techniques

I like to play and experiment with art. I look for new techniques and things I like and try them. I probably spend most of my time trying new things than I do creating art. I realize it’s practice, I’m honing my art with new techniques. I’m not afraid to fail, I like to see what I can do and sometimes mistakes are interesting. I went to iron a shirt the other day for a project (of course not to wear, remember, aversion to ironing!) I ironed it on a tablecloth with a raised pattern and the pattern transferred to my fabric! It was very subtle but it was there. That reminded me that I embossed velvet once with a more apparent result.

Tablecloth with raised pattern
Tablecloth with raised pattern

Pattern transferred
Pattern transferred

To emboss fabric – use a basic stamp, no fine details. Place it stamp up. Dampen the fabric, cover with another material and iron, I go til it stops sizzling. I took this (&other ideas) from the book pictured.

This is the book where I learned embossing velvet & lots of other good ideas.

I’ve tried a few other fabrics, velvet comes out best.

These are on velvet.

Close-up of blue velvet

I don’t really know my fabrics but this technique seems to work on soft fabric. If you ink the stamp you’ll get better results – I will try that later.

On felt

Embossing can also be used on paper. I forget where I saw this idea. Use about 6 sheets of toilet paper. Lay them over a basic stamp and spritz with water. Using your fingers, push the paper onto the stamp, in all the crevices. Remove and let dry. Pretty cool.

Another embossing idea I saw in a gallery, Dieu Donné (NYC). An artist used a waffle iron to emboss and the heat left various shades of browns from the scorching. Love it! Not sure what paper was used. If you try this, beware of burning – be careful! I have not tried this – no waffle iron!

Do you have any ideas of items to use for embossing?

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