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Wash Away

When I see any ideas using fabric scraps I investigate further. I have scraps! I like to reuse when possible. I saw this product, Avalon Washaway Film, and had to try it.

Cut a piece of fabric, any kind really, you won’t see it later. I used a basic muslin, to the size you’d like to work with. The film is 12” wide so I would stick with that width. For the first project trialing the film I would not go too big. I did about 8x10”.

On top of a fabric backing (the cutting from above) arrange your scraps: fabric, thread, ribbon, lace, etc. The arrangement is up to you – wild & crazy colors/prints, monotone, or whatever. Don’t make it neat, overlap, and use different fabrics. Generally, I stick to white, pink or blue (I’m boring! I don’t really like color). Cut the Wash Away to size (a little bigger than your fabric) and then pin it to the fabric. It holds it in place while you stitch. Lots of stitches! You can use any kind of stitching for this (I just used free motion to play with the technique), straight stitch, zig-zag, fancy stitches, and mix them up. Add to the fun & funk by using different colors of thread, variegated, or glitter. It’s your look, do what you want and play.

As its name implies when the stitching is done wash away the film. It was just there to help hold everything in place.

The completed fabric can then be used in other projects. I cut them into shapes, like hearts, You can cut it in strips and use in other projects. I’ve thought of making them into bags or pouches. It’s the process of experimenting & creativity that I like best. As I write this I want to go make more.

Not many of the pieces I’ve made have gone on to become something else, yet. Most are sitting in a drawer waiting for inspiration.

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