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Free-Motion Stitching

I’ve been wanting to get a free-motion foot for a while because I see projects I want to try. I was too cheap to buy it until now. These are my practice pieces, and it’s not as easy as I was hoping. I wish I had a teacher instead of YouTube. Was I going too fast, too slow? Below, there are some extra loopy things, and I kind of liked that effect but, I can’t get that all the time.

I practiced e’s and l’s and rocks. I still need (a lot) more practice.

I think I got better and more ambitious.

Below is one of the projects I wanted to try because it uses scrap fabric. I have a lot of scraps (cheap again so I save everything. I also love to recycle!) Arrange scraps on a piece of fabric (I should have used a lot more), cover with netting. Pin together, and then free-motion stitch it all down. You could really just use a straight stitch or any other. So this is a piece of fabric that can be used in another project; pillow, cosmetic bag, market bag, etc. For this kind of project, the stitching does not need to be perfect, & that’s my kind of project! I do not like perfect. When I give a class, I advertise: No perfectionists!

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