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Geode Paint Pour

Recently I saw a class to do a geode paint pour – I loved the image and signed up for the course. Sometimes I take a class, read it in a book, watch a YouTube video, or just do it on my own. My favorite projects that I keep reusing are easy with great results. This was one of those projects. Every work of art in the class was beautiful, no matter what we did. It’s a 2 part class as we wait for the paint to dry, at least 24 hours. We thickened acrylic paints with equal amounts of glue (Elmers). We used 4 hues in the same color, some metallic or glitter, our choices. Then we slowly pour it on to the canvas in arcs, like a geode. Start on an end or in the middle. Vary widths and arcs. Repeat the color pattern until the canvas is covered.

This was starting from the middle.

I didn’t quite do the arcs, and I was using up everyone’s leftover paint. In the second class, we added stone gems. We played with placement, and when we were happy, we glued the gems down to hold in place. Then we added the epoxy/resin that gives it a hard finish.

We poured this on and then used a brush to push it into crevices around the rocks, making sure it is completely covered. It will drip down the sides, so wipe it off as you go. Let dry – 2 days.

You can’t tell from the pix, but it’s a hard shell finish.

I love this project!

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