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Updated: Jun 14, 2020

I went to my local thrift store this morning (Methodist Church thrift store in Pawling, NY). I really don’t need anything but I always like to go see what treasures I can find. I didn’t find anything much, 5 items for $1, it was a bargain. Three doilies, 1 unknown crochet item and a hankie. The doilies are nothing special, probably not that old (sorry, I really can’t tell age) so they’re good for putting behind objects or to cut up in projects. The hankie is cute. I would say other places I would pay 50c ea for these, no more.


The darker doily is unusual. It has a bottom and handle. For the picture I put a candle in it. From my readings I know doilies were made for very specific uses – for under a glass, under gravy boat, dessert plates, platters. Not sure what this was made for but I like it.


This is another crocheted item that I don’t know what it is. I’ve had 3 of these from different places. I thought maybe like a bouquet or doll dress (only 1 side?). Someone suggested maybe it was a dickie. Interesting the scallops are only on 1 edge. I’ve turned it round and round but can’t figure it out.


Any ideas for either item??

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