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If you had asked me last month if I sketch out my ideas I would have said no. Now I’m looking through some old journals and I see sketches for ideas! They probably fall somewhere between a sketch and doodle. I am a doodler! I can’t sit still so if someone is talking ( telephone, meeting, class) and I have paper in front of me, I doodle.

Most of these are sources of inspiration/ideas and most don’t go anywhere. So here are some sketches, the thoughts behind them and if they became something.

This was an idea for a fabric painting. I wanted a tree, sky, water with roots. I wanted the roots to be a reflection of the branches. I did try to make this but was not happy with the results.

I love these eyes and it is on my project list. I will probably make several and they may become more than eyes.

I’ve mentioned Seth Apter before, he’s a collage artist/teacher and I’ve taken several classes with him. He advocates ‘making marks’ as a final touch in his art. Here I was doodling some marks I’d like to use. I have not used them yet, but I enjoyed making these.

This represents a weeping cherry tree, pretty pink flowers with a forsythia bush growing up under it in a soft yellow. I love the thought of the colors melding. I did not make this. I picture this as a photo but I’ve yet to find them growing together. It would be nice as a painting where you can make anything happen (of course I don’t paint so it’s not happening.) The note under it, a very orange cantaloupe with red raspberries would be a pretty combo. I have never had both at the same time to photo it. I’ll try to get to it this year.

I wanted to do something with a rainbow so I made this grid. I never did it. It doesn’t inspire me enough.

This is pure doodles. I love the rainbow of words and slashes. I have used this in some journaling. I’d like to do something like this in fabric collage. Ideas are turning in my head.

Playing with the idea of tangles/entwining.

This did start out as a doodle and I like the shape a lot so it become the base of the collage below. Not sure which side is up on this project, it looks good anyway you turn it!

I started out doing a clown face, I had just seen a clown on TV and thought I’d like to play with clown makeup/faces. As you can see I only did 1 and then somehow (probably because it’s Oct) it morphed into a jack o lantern.

I was sketching out ideas for my weaving class, a general idea of what I wanted. Results below. My first weaving project, probably last. Weaving is a lot of precise work and I don’t have a precise bone in my body!

I sketched an idea of what I wanted my felting project to look like. I had been practicing felting and was going with the flow then decided to see what would happen if I wanted things in specific places. It was OK. I love the way felting looks when I see it on Pinterest but I wasn’t so impressed with my work. I decided I like gluing with my fabric collage where I could put everything where I wanted it. I like the look of felting but it’s not for me at this time. I’ll probably play around with it more it some point.

I call these silly characters and I started them one rainy day. Then I decided to use them in a book and it grew from there.

This sketch became a pattern paper, paper mache torso. (this will be its own blog at some point)

I always keep paper & pen handy to write ideas, draw and make lists. I am very big on lists. I have them on my coffee table, nightstand, by the computer and workspace. I review them periodically and sometimes there’s some great ideas. Always nice when you impress yourself!

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