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Who ARE these little characters?

This project is still evolving; clearly I had no plan. The cover is from a pocketbook I bought last year at the Holmes Whaley Lake Civic Assoc thrift store. I bought it thinking it would eventually be used this way. (Now as I’m reading “pocketbook,” I want to make a pocket-size book from the leftovers!)

Then I already had muslin pages cut from a workshop I did at the Grand Central library, so I used them. I had to cut the cover a bit to fit the pages.

What kind of book was this to become? I went through my stash, looking for inspiration. I came across these characters I had created one rainy day and thought it would be a fun book. It turns out the characters were a little too big, but I went ahead anyway. I made more of the odd characters and began to think of a theme of embracing our differences.

I wanted to incorporate inspirational words and matched them to a character.

Next, I came up with the title BU (Be You). Then the idea that we are all labeled arose & I remembered I had some labels and used them on the spine.

Now I decided that each character needs a little story. Of course, I have no place in the book for stories, unless I add pages (ugh, don’t want to do this).

This may be the most haphazard project I’ve ever done, I really prefer planning. I do always have last-minute fixes, but nothing like this!

I’ve started writing little stories, and I thought it might be fun if everyone helped with this. If anyone is interested or inspired by these guys, please write something and send it to me, I’d love to read it.

Post a character and story on FB, then share this link so they can participate too!


I walk through life with abandon. I think everything is fun, and play is the key. I twirl, I dance, sing, laugh, run. You should try it. Life is like a playground. Possibilities for happiness, Opportunities for fun.

My superpower is a positive attitude. People are drawn to me.

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